ArtCom WMS available now

ArtCom WMS: Quarterly (April-June 2020) mosaicking products for Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Slovakia.

S2GM provides scientifically sound and consistent Sentinel-2 composites using a best pixel algorithm (see here for full details). One feature of this method is, however, a higher spatial heterogeneity than in single images, also referred to as the “salt and pepper” effect. We provide a detailed explanation in one of the blog posts here.
We received several requests for a mosaic product that is smoother in space from users looking for a visually appealing background map. In an attempt to meet these demands, the S2GM team developed a new algorithm based on a temporal mean per spectral band instead of choosing one radiometrically consistent observation. To this end, Sentinel Level 2A products are filtered for clouds and cloud shadows using a) classes of the L2A scene classification and b) an upper and lower percentile filtering of brightness on the temporal input data stack. We call this method ArtCom and generated an example product over central Europe for the second quarter (April – June) 2020. You may also access the WMS server directly.

We hope you enjoy the results and let us know if this service is useful for you.
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